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"I’ve kept track of time from the beginning, when there were weeks left of waiting. I’ve kept track of time until it became a matter of hours. It works no longer. Actually, it never did. We found a way of measuring the unmeasurable, which could only be as efficient as catching smoke with our bare hands. We live happily feeding the illusion that we somehow own Time, as if we could shape it according to our will. Few things hurt like the truth of Time - it bends us. Controls and shapes us. Not the other way around. How helpless we are, all of us, how compromised our sanity becomes in acknowledging this. Time owns us.
I accept the truth in this statement, but I rebel against it. It will not do - resignation. I shall keep track of time, even if it does keep track of me - I have no other way of getting closer to that which I crave the most.”



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Some girl’s eyebrows look like this

Nature is full of wonders. Textures. Sounds. Sights. Nature Valley contributor furstyphoto has the right idea: Take time for yourself. Go for a hike, clear the mind. Appreciate the little things in life.

"É uma afirmação de pertença, uma declaração de posse. Uma droga diferente, legalizada e consumada, mas benéfica apenas enquanto partilhada.
É um grito no escuro, com mel na voz e espanto nos olhos.
São 48 horas em 24 e uma vida de frustração.
É intensidade, questionando longevidade mas simultaneamente procurando dar-lhe a mão. É um risco demasiado grande, mas como dizer que não?”